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Building System Design and Services Co., Ltd. is a services provider and distributor of Building Automation Systems (BAS) for Office Buildings, Department Stores, Hotels, Hospital, Schools, Factory and any kind of high rise buildings. The system is used to control for HVAC systems like the air conditioning , sanitary, lighting , and ventilation systems in the building. For the purpose of reducing the amount of man power, to use effectively and energy management for maximum efficiency. The service covers to interface to various building systems such as CCTV system. Fire Alarm system Access control system, Elevator system, Data Center, and more. With our long experience accumulated. It can be checked from many of our reference projects. The company is ready to service from the start of the system design. Whether it is a new project or the existing building that need improvement and renovation.

We are the system integrator that can provide all of the equipments and engineering works. The program includes the development of a specialized software for use, testing and commissioning of the system until it is fully operational. And to be completed with user training and after sales service. These are all components needed to keep the system running smoothly. Matching the purpose of the building requires modernization, efficiency and energy savings.

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You may be wondering, “What is a Building Automation System”
Even among “building automation” professionals there’s a lack of consensus around what building automation is. And this is exactly why I wrote this guide.
The purpose of this guide is to help you understand what building automation is.

No matter what your role is when you finish this guide you will understand what a building automation system is and how it works.


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“Do it right” is our definition. All the work we have done to the customers who entrusted the task. All of this is based on analytical thinking, synthesizing the right things, and ensuring that the customer gets the right things. Get Technology The most modern and cost effective. For investment We will consider the accuracy. Engineering And focus on the need. The main virtue is morality.


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